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Empowering Northern Colorado Veterans

Monaghan Media Group is committed to enriching the lives of our veteran community.

Nick Monaghan, Owner & CEO

Nick Monaghan, Owner & CEO

The Blue Star Fund

The Monaghan Media Group is committed to empower and enrich the lives of our veterans in northern Colorado. We have partnered with the Blue Star Fund as apart of the McKee Wellness Foundation. A Portion of our proceeds goes towards the Blue Star Fund and to help northern Colorado veterans cover a multitude of medical expenses. 

The Blue Star Fund aims to support our veterans by partnering with service organizations to collectively provide for those in our communities who have raised their hand to serve. – The Blue Star Fund. To give you an  idea of how the Fund gives back $10 a month will cover a dental exam & Xray for 1 veteran, $100 a month provides 12 visits to a mental health provider, $500 provides 5 visits to a chiropractor and $1000 provides 2 veterans average annual out-of-pocket medical expenses. 

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